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  Bob Portrie , Managing Partner
Robert E. Portrie “Bob” is an internationally known executive and speaker on customer relationship management. Working with companies like AT&T, Pitney Bowes, The Carlyle Group, FedEx, General Electric and numerous other organizations he has been a leader in the transformationof both large and small organizations to a customer centric approach to marketing and customer service Bob has spoken at numerous events sponsored by both
companies and associations on customer strategy and services to help companies acquire, retain, manage and grow their customer relationships across many industries including insurance, financial services, healthcare and retail.
Today Bob is the Founding Partner of The Fenwick Group, a consulting and investment organization that has had long term engagements with a diverse set of clients including Digital Cement, The Caron Foundation, The University of Florida, Convergence Health and many other organizations across the healthcare, financial services, insurance, retail and investment sectors.
Bob spent more than twenty years with AT&T in numerous sales, marketing, operational and research positions. In his last position at AT&T he was the President and Chairman of the Board of AT&T InView, a subsidiary focused on providing network centric business applications for the insurance and financial services industry in the United States and network based mortgage illustration software in the United Kingdom. This technology evolved into the Application Service Provider technology prevalent today. Bob was responsible for taking this partially owned subsidiary based in Europe, buying out the European interests and transforming it into a wholly owned US subsidiary of AT&T.
After a career with AT&T, Bob took on the challenge of becoming the President and CEO of InfoMation Publishing Corporation, a CMGI subsidiary, located in the Boston area that was one of the first core CMGI organizations.Bob spent from 1997-99 at InfoMation creating a leading edge knowledge management software company.Following the merger of InfoMation, Bob became a Managing Partner at RCM Technologies, a National consulting and staffing company headquartered in New Jersey.During his tenure at RCM, Bob became active in working with companies ranging from the Fortune 50 to start up companies.Bob’s activities included capital formation, business plan development, product design and software development and integration.
Bob is the former Chairman of RNETHealth, Inc., former Chairman and member of the board of Confirmnet Corporation, member of the board of Digital Cement, a Canadian Corporation formerly known as Envision Communications, former member of the board of Visual-IOand a member of the board of Liberty Bloom..
Bob is also on the Addiction and Psychiatry Board of the Brain Institute at the University of Florida.He is a past member of the Board of the MIS School at the University of Arizona, The Canadian/New England Advisory Board sponsored by the government of Canada, Technology Point International and the Advisory Board of ACORD.

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