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Financial Advisory Services
Assisting our clients in optimizing assets and delivering the value that management has built, not just performing a financial "transaction." Executives often times view fund raising as an end-goal, preparing and managing it as such, hoping for the best. No longer is it enough to have a good concept, validation of key metrics and a well-positioned board enough to insure capital raising success. We approach this from a different perspective. By providing the business consulting required to develop a solid strategic plan (identifying, developing and maximizing core assets), with the appropriate financial modeling (balancing profitability with growth) and then packaging/positioning the company properly, securing funding from the right sources is the easiest part of the process. Building a comprehensive financial plan that takes you from where you are today through public financing is the key to your long-term viability, as such, our services include:
  • Development of a strategic financing plan
  • Creating and maintaining a current offering memorandum
  • Creating and maintaining a dynamic financial presentation
  • Identification of the appropriate funding sources
  • Planning and managing each round of financing
  • Negotiation and deal management
  • Selecting the right investment bank for your public financing
Development of the right strategic partners is key to developing a sustainable and leveraged business. Most "partner" relationships are nothing more than public relations events for both companies, generating limited revenue and requiring a substantial investment of time. Often times, the most effective channels of distribution and complementary/supporting offerings are overlooked or under-leveraged. This is one of the more significant components of “competitive differentiation” and an important element of value-creation. Our role is to help you see your business as an Eco-system, identifying which elements in your target customers’ value chain that you are best suited to provide and which ones you should ultimately "partner" to deliver. Included in this are:
  • Creation of the value chain and unique value propositions for each partner
  • Identification of the right partners
  • Leverage of high level industry contacts
  • Structuring deal terms and managing the process
Many companies in today's financing environment have to make a difficult decision between the CFO or Senior Business Development officer they can afford and the one that can most positively impact their business.

CFOs and Senior Business Development Officers typically come in two flavors, extremely experienced with public companies and a strong reputation in the financial or business community or "up and comers." Often, a highly experienced executive may be able to "get a deal done" but bring legacy "big company" attitudes along that clash with the corporate culture you are building. "Up and coming" executives will work as hard as the rest of your senior management team but don't have the experience to get the best deal done.

The Fenwick Group can fill your needs while completing your financing. As your company grows, we will assist you in recruiting in an outside CFO or senior Business Development Officer or mentor your in house "up and comer" so that they can step in and take over the job.

The Fenwick Group provides these services as part of our overall strategic business development services at less than the cost of filling one of these positions full-time.

Business Building
Our Business Building Practice focuses on growth, innovation, new business creation, and digital business transformation. We assist companies seeking to jumpstart, accelerate, and/or sustain long-term profitable growth through significant enhancement to their top-line.

Through dedicated consultants and experts and globally dispersed practitioners - working in close cooperation with the firm's other functional and industry practices - the Business Building Practice delivers capabilities in two key areas.

Corporate Growth and Innovation
We help clients architect overall growth programs, develop growth strategies and growth platforms, generate ideas and plans for new business creation, organize for new ventures and business development, build more innovative and entrepreneurial organizations, monetize intellectual property and R&D investments,and foster innovative communities.

Business Transformation
Our services include building and launching new business ventures, improving operational performance through digital technology, and transforming companies through the application of IT and digital technology.

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